The EPRDC is a specialized research center in the University focused on policy research and studies on teacher education.  It is established to provide research-based policy recommendation to policy makers.  It also serves as the clearing house for all data relevant to teacher education in the Philippines and beyond.


The Philippine Normal University through the EPRDC aims to be the innovation hub of teacher education research and educational policy studies.


To strengthen the culture of excellence in teacher education research and educational policy studies.


The EPRDC shall manage the University’s research production, enhance human resource research capabilities, and share expertise to other Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs) in the area of teacher education research.


  1. Establish and maintain a web-based university research portal that facilitates automated research management system and which also serves as the database of teacher education policies and teacher education research in the country and in Southeast Asia.
  2. Share research expertise and competence in teacher education research with other TEIs throughout the country;
  3. Develop and disseminate the University research agenda;
  4. Design and implement the research capability program for faculty and staff;
  5. Manage University’s research production particularly the conduct of educational policy studies in education and teacher education; and
  6. Serve as the implementing arm for research incentives and research ethics review.


SYNERGY (Working collaboratively as a team)
EFFICIENCY (Delivering research services efficiently)
EXCELLENCE (Achieving high quality research outputs)
PRODUCTIVITY (Increasing research production of the University)